Victorian Photography

Автор Loomes, B.E.C.Howarth

Год издания 1975

Раздел каталога История фотографии

This strikingly different approach to one of today’s most popular leisure interests describes the history of photography from its earliest beginnings to 1900 — the date of the first ‘popular’ camera. But there is much more to the subject than that and a wealth of eminently collectable material apart from black-and-white photographs of various aspects of the period in question. The aim of the book is to give the interested collector an introduction to this fascinating field; to guide him through the intricacies of daguerrotype, caoltype, ambrotype, wet-collodion plate and other long-departed scientific terms; and to give him an idea of the value of these items rather than the cost. There are descriptions of stereoscopes, cares de visite, albums, union cases, photographic jewellery and other forgotten products of the early days. Fully illustrated with many contemporary and original photographs, this is truly an invaluable, comprehensive introduction to a subject with much more collecting potential than is often realised.