The history of European photography : 1970-2000 : III-2

Автор Macek, Vaclav

Год издания 2016

Раздел каталога История фотографии

Published in late 2016, the volume of two bulky
books of large format marks the end of the project
on the 1900–2000 history of European photography
of the Central European House of Photography
(Stredoeurópsky dom fotografie) born in Bratislava
and Vienna. The previous volumes dedicated to
the periods 1900–19381
and 1939–19692
came out
in 2010 and 2014 respectively. The rationale of the
project is explained by the simple fact that there
has not been a single publication to date which
would incorporate the histories of photography of
all present-day European countries. For example,
the Encyclopaedia of Twentieth Century Photography
puts the photography of Eastern Europe at a
disadvantage with a mere eight pages of text.3
only East European but also other smaller European
countries could also feel that they were being represented
inadequately in the narrative on the history
of European photography.