Concise History of Photography

Автор Helmut Gernsheim, Alison Gernsheim

Год издания 1965

Раздел каталога История фотографии

This book was published in 1965 and so does not mention digital photography. The first 57 pages are about the technology and the last 237 are about «pictures and their makers». It is thorough, authoritative, and interesting. The authors have been recognized as the world’s leading authorities on the history of photography. Helmut was born in Munich in 1913 and took up photography in 1934. He was in Australia during WWII. He became a British citizen in 1946 and lived in London most of the rest of his life. Helmut and Alison amassed a collection of 33,000 historic photographs and 4,000 books. It is now at the Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas in Austin. Alison died in 1969 and Helmut died in 1995.