Год издания 2017

Раздел каталога Журналы

We of the photo world often find ourselves existing simultaneously at different points on the spectrum between work and play. Whether speaking of the practice of photo making, or about photos themselves, we can find ourselves asking: Is this playfully serious or seriously playful? GUP#54 has the theme of Playful, and we seriously toy with the game of art photography.

Artists featured in this issue include Uroš Abram, Zackary Canepari & Jessica Dimmock & Landon Nordeman, Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev, Bruno Metra & Laurence Jeanson, Tatewaki Nio, Daniel Temkin, and Juuso Westerlund a.o.

August 2017
180 pages (paper by Fedrigoni®)
225 x 166 mm