doc! magazine #44

Год издания 2018

Раздел каталога Журналы

With a really great satisfaction we are presenting you the newest edition of our magazine. A very special one. Not only are we celebrating its second birthday as a paper-based magazine, and the sixth in our entire history, but its premiere will take place during the Triennial of Photography Hamburg, which festival it is dedicated to. All the projects included in this issue are only a fraction of what you will be able to see during this unique photographic event.While making this issue, we faced a great dilemma: how to choose 10 artists out of 300+ presented in Hamburg? What criteria should be followed? How to present the diversity of the festival exhibitions with just 10 projects? This year’s edition of the Hamburg triennial is done under the motto Breaking Point: Searching for Change. It is focused on complex issues of human-nature relation, ecology, censorship, politics, beginnings as well as creating a society without individuality. We hope, our choice is the best illustration of these issues.