Tractor Boys

Автор Martin Bogren

Год издания 2013

Раздел каталога Альбомы иностранные

This is one of those rare photobooks that captures a time and place so perfectly that we feel we know it even though we have never been precisely there. It’s the magic of photography to take specific moments, fleeting, in-between moments, and evoke universal memories and emotions that trigger something like half-forgotten dreams deep inside our selves.

Young boys in their early teens in the remote region of Skane, Sweden, have a ritual of gathering together in a large deserted field at night (some with their girlfriends) to drive souped up old cars at crazy speeds, in circles, kicking up dust and snow and the smell of burning rubber and oil and gasoline. It’s a coming of age, and it’s sweet and innocent. And in between the shows of bravado, they hang out, laugh, talk, fall asleep, safe and isolated in their own play world before they grow up and move on with life.