Provoke: Between Protest and Performance: Photography in Japan 1960–1975

Автор Araki Nobuyoshi

Год издания 2016

Раздел каталога Альбомы иностранные, История фотографии

The photographic rebellion evident in the dynamism and experimentation of the Provoke collective offers an interesting contrast to the orderly stereotypes that has come to define post-war Japanese society. (Moises Saman Photo-Eye Blog, Best of 2016)

Provoke is an exciting piece of history, following a line from protest movement to aesthetic movement, and concluding with a section on avant-garde performance art. (Pat Padua Spectrum Culture)

Provoke’s visual language embraced movement and disorientation, rejecting prevailing modes of image-making in a society increasingly dominated by media artifice. (Sooanne Berner Dazed Digital)

In a nutshell, this essentially is the book we have all been waiting for: those who always wanted to know more about Provoke, and everybody else who is going to be in for a real photo history treat. (Joerg Colberg

Japanese photography is finally getting the recognition and scholarly treatment it deserves…the book offers incredible insight and access into this important period of the medium… Provoke: Between Protest and Performance deserves to be on the shelf of any serious scholar, critic or artist who cares about photography in the 20th century. (Adam Bell Photo-Eye Blog)