Istanbul Photo Awards — 2016

Автор Anadolu Agency

Год издания 2016

Раздел каталога Журналы, Каталоги

Istanbul Photo Awards is an international news photography contest organized by Anadolu Agency. The contest aims to contribute to the sphere of news photography and offers a perspective shaped by the region’s unique position at the center of diverse cultures. The awards reward endeavors of courageous and talented photojournalists from around the world on merit. Although it is only the third edition of the contest, Istanbul Photo Awards has become one of the most widely known news photography contests in the world.

The contest has eight categories. Besides news single, news story, sports single and sports story; there are nature & environment single, nature & environment story, portrait-single and portrait-story categories. In the contest, a $3,000 Young Photographer award is given to a winner under the age of 28. A total of $10,000 award will be given to the winner of the Photo of the Year. Winners in other categories will be given $8,000 for the first prize, $5,000 for the second and $3,000 for the third. Along with the generous awards of the contest aiming to support the hard work and dedication of news photographers worldwide, the application is totally free.

The Istanbul Photo Awards 2017 received a lot of attention from photojournalists from all around the world. Almost 25,000 submissions from different continent sent to the contest and 22 photographers from 17 countries received awards.