Автор Christian Boltanski

Год издания 2006

Раздел каталога Авторские фотокниги

Christian Boltanski is one of the most important European contemporary artists working today, masterful at staging rooms and situations. His work in photography and installation, among other mediums, evokes primary concerns of human existence like lifespan, identity, body, death and legacy: how will we be remembered? Christian Boltanski documents the artist’s first comprehensive solo show in Germany after more than 10 years, which connects existing pieces with new creations in a unique installation transcending time and architecture. This monograph fathoms and examines the singular echo space of Christian Boltanski’s art in philosophical, literary and art-historical essays by such well-known authors as Aleida Assmann and Ralf Beil, and is rounded off by an interview with the artist.