Автор Elena Kholkina

Год издания 2016

Раздел каталога Авторские фотокниги

This is a visual fable built from three types of photographic imagery. The basis of the project is the idea of cyclic historical processes and how common social issues manifest through a personal private story. In the book the author’s childhood from the vague and anxious 1980-90s is turned into a fairy tale through family archive slides taken by her parents and coexists with her own photographic diary of the present that tastes and smells a lot like back in the 1980-90s. Slicing through the colorful narrative come dark disquieting digital art works Lena makes as a visual artist. The first dummy was developed in RPS masterclass 2017 Tokyo, under the direction of Yumi Goto, Teun van der Heijden and Sandra Doelen. In terms of the book design we were inspired by Tarkovsky’s colour palette and the cinematic way of narration, as well as by Victor Pelevin’s image of a train, which is interpreted in the layout via separating images in half and putting them close to page edges, to mimic the way one sees the world from a moving train.