Автор Jacqueline Hassink

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Where does private space end and public space begin? How does the individual set about defining these boundaries? How have the computer and the internet altered the relationship between private and public space? Photographer Jacqueline Hassink explores these and similar questions in her project «Mindscapes». Looking at the USA and Japan, two of the economically most influential countries in the world, she has captured on film the rooms of CEOs, the screen savers of top managers, the coffee cups of office personnel, the extravagant shoes of star designers, or the changing rooms of lead fashion houses. The photos are devoid of people, but all have in common the fact that they were taken in 500 of the most important companies. She creates not only a photographic excursion through closed spaces, but also a mosaic of those private articles which are used to bridge the gap between public and private rooms.