Artist And Her Model

Автор Susan Bright

Год издания 2012

Раздел каталога Авторские фотокниги

Brotherus emphasis has shifted over the years from a diacritic documentary strategy to larger philosophical questions of life and art. Her deep understanding of art history has a paradoxical effect. You can consider her as a person but also as a model. In her photographs there is a closeness you feel to her but also a cool conceptual distance. This complicates viewing the work in terms of self- portraiture, landscape or a diary. Photographs that can often appear quiet and straightforward on first encounter but become denser and laden with histories as you spend time with them. The ‘back stories’ which lie behind the beautiful, lush compositions are set in relief as she reaches that somewhat terrifying ‘mid career’ point and looks back on her life as an artist.