Lens-Based Sculpture

Автор Michel Frizot (Author),‎ Ursula Frohne (Author),‎ Friedemann Malsch (Author),‎ Dietmar Rübel (Author),‎ Annette Tietenberg (Author),‎ Bogomir Ecker (Editor),‎ Raimund Kummer (Editor),‎ Angela Lammert (Editor),‎ Herbert Molderings (Editor)

Год издания 2014

Раздел каталога Без рубрики, Теория искуства, Теория фотографии

Lens-Based Sculpture demonstrates the relationship between sculpture and photography from a historical perspective. With 200 works from more than 70 international artists, the publication argues that the camera, a tool for spatial and structural representation, serves as a sketchbook for modern sculpture.