Janson’s History of Art: The Western Tradition, Volume II

Автор Penelope J. E. Davies, Walter B. Denny, Frima Fox Hofrichter and Joseph F. Jacobs

Год издания 2010

Раздел каталога История искусства

Long established as the classic and seminal introduction to art of the Western world, the Eighth Edition ofJanson’s History of Artis groundbreaking. When Harry Abrams first published theHistory of Artin 1962, John F. Kennedy occupied the White House, and Andy Warhol was an emerging artist.  Janson offered his readers a strong focus on Western art, an important consideration of technique and style, and a clear point of view.The History of Art, said Janson, was not just a stringing together of historically significant objects, but the writing of a story about their interconnections, a history of styles and of stylistic change. Janson’s text focused on the visual and technical characteristics of the objects he discussed, often in extraordinarily eloquent language. Janson’sHistory of Arthelped to establish the canon of art history for many generations of scholars. Chapters 13-30.