Art and Death

Автор Chris Townsend

Год издания 2008

Раздел каталога Теория искуства

This highly sensitive and beautifully written book looks closely at the way contemporary Western artists negotiate death, both as personal experience and in the wider community. Townsend discusses, but moves beyond, the «»spectacle of death»» in work by artists such as Damien Hirst to see how mortality—in particular the experience of other people’s death—brings us face to face with profound ethical and even political issues. He looks at personal responses to death in the work of artists as varied as Francis Bacon, Tracey Emin and Derek Jarman, whose film Blue is discussed here in depth. Exploring the last body of work by the the Kentucky-based photographer Ralph Eugene Meatyard, and Jewish American installation artist Shimon Attie’s powerful memorial work for the community of Aberfan, Townsend considers death in light of the injunction to «»love they neighbor.»»