Creativity A Handbook for Visual Artists

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Jonathan Sansom

Год издания: 2012

Объём: 156 стр.

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This book is an engaging and personal account of the nature of creativity in the visual arts. Jonathan Sansom is a practising artist and a teacher, and has spent nearly thirty years investigating the complex and rich experiences that contribute to the processes of art making. This publication tackles the key themes that matter most to creative artists in a clear and lucid manner. In producing a ‘handbook’ the author also presents suggestions of practical strategies for working to enhance and develop visual creativity. The chapter headings are: Images at the Beginning; Transformation; The Intelligence of Materials; Artistic Skills; Drawing to Generate; Colour; The Symbolic World; To be Original; The Intellect, Intuition and Risk; Imagination and Inspiration; Dreaming and Daydreaming; Communication and Being. 12 Illustrations (B&W)

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